Monday, July 11, 2005

L n G, she's finally lost it!

I have a little flower pot at my window. I was watching it for sometime and this monologue followed.. (unedited, non-embellished version)

A. What is it doing there?
B. You put it there.. silly!
A. Do you think it is beautiful?
B. Of course.
A. Is it happy?
B. It’s a plant.. it must be.. it gets its stock.. it must be happy.. it is.
A. But I put it there, should not I worry about it? Its happiness?
B. It’s a plant!! Who do you think you are? Its God?
A. Does my God think so too?


A Hairy Snail said...

Calvin and Hobbes have had quite a few conversations on this line too.

liquid sunshine said...

:) Does He??

liquid sunshine said...

oh btw, u've been tagged!

Green said...

Hey, I'm trying to let everyone know that my site is down. I think it was hijacked. There is nothing. I'm trying to get it fixed and I've tried everything on my end. I am sorry.

jax said...

You sound like "the little prince" from the book!

Handful Of Hell said...

Your god gave you an encephalon which with its famed medula oblongata is quite capable of helping you decide what is best for you and also for that little plant of yours, devoid of a brain, to which you are GOD :) And believe me, you put all that grey matter to great use.

thetis said...

mel: are you callinng me a kid? or a stuffed tiger? either way, oh thank you, thank you.. *jumping around*

liquidsunshine: :) huh?

green: i noticed that.

jax: which book?

hoh: yes, yes..

Thetis said...

liquidsunshine: ah, got the tag.. me, dumb.

sanity_sucks said...

The first thing that struck me after reading this was Calvin... damn.. melchizedek beat me to it!!! :(
bute yeah... lost it is it!!! lol!!!