Friday, July 15, 2005

Desperate housewife.. me?

1. Lie in the bed and wallow
2. Look at it longingly
3. Look away
4. Look back
5. Curse it.. it causes migraines (cold + migraines = bad combo ~ sick)
6. Throw a pillow at it
7. Make a face
8. Turn your back to it and pretend you are sleepy
9. Realize you are as sleep privileged as an owl
10. Oh, what the hell! Plug it in already.. you are married to it for gossake

Oh darling laptop! I missed you.


Anonymous said...

"oh i missed you too sweetheart!!"

Your Darling Laptop

s! said...

hehe.. hope you're feeling better :-)

A Hairy Snail said...

LOL! glad you're feeling better!

liquid sunshine said...

:-| wazzat abt u feeling better? were u feelin low?

Anonymous said...

"Plug it in already.. you are married to it for gossake"


Ace of Spades said...

thats great. i feel the same on being married to blogging. it has become addiciting. i can not stop. is there an end to it all. nope, not for awhile anyways. a long while. it has no end in sight. lol