Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Career advice please..

I want to foray in advertising. Could someone please suggest the needful qualifications/schools.
Pretty please.


s! said...

umm, which country do you plan to study in?

jax said...

What happened to the movie making plans? :(~~~~~

Yours Truly...Conman said...

if you're from Delhi, I'll give you a number. Contact her, you'll get the job, or at least advise on ur first step.

A Hairy Snail said...

heh far as i know, all you need is a creative mind. and you don't seem to lack that!


Handful Of Hell said...

MUDRA Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, commonly adverted to as MICA is india's premier-most advertising / communications / media training institute. You can check out their website at

I am sure you must have already explored the electronic resources at your disposal, but just in case you haven't, please check these out

1. Very exhaustive - Institutes / Qualifications

2. Good overviews - Qualifications

Hope it helps!!

Broken Verses said...

What side of advertising you want to venture into? Creatives? Client Servicing? Media Planning?

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

I had stayed in MICA for a month and a half, during my summer training. The PGDCM course is good, but you will not do any Advertising through it. If marketing in an ad firm is what you wanna do, the PGDCM course is good. not otherwise.
The creative course... at the end of which you are to actually be an ad-person... 8 months long, failed to impress me. The most creative folks I saw in that batch left the course disillusioned.
Could I suggest you something? talk with an ad person, and then learn from him/her how to make a portfolio of yours. Thta would contain ads that you have thought out etc... I am not too clear as to how to do that. THen take it to ad agencies, and just tell them that you could deliver the goods. If your work is good, you will be picked. None of the big-shot ad gurus have been taught to make ads.

raven said...

1. MICA.. for only advertising.
2. you could also go to NID (my favourite) where u'll also get a broader understanding of design and other related fields apart from advertising.
3. Any B-School, preferably the IIMs, and can then choose to go into advtg thru the S&M route (though i dont think thats what u want)

Primalsoup said...

Advertising? Why? Why?

Movie plans sounds better! :)

thetis said...

s! : it really does not matter which country i study in.. i am flexible :p

jax: and i SHALL make a movie
and u SHALL feature in it..
*girl scouts honor*

conman: oh WOW.. but my butt presently finds itself in hyderabad.. since six months ie. but i plan to leave in a month or so..

mel: i wish!

hoh: thanks a million!!! *spent the last one hours checking the sites out* but all the courses have already begun :(( i am too late, it seems.. but i am still at it.. may be something will show up. THANK YOU again..

broken verses: i gather most of them depts prefer MBAs (read IIMs).. i am more inclined towards creative dept.

s pinstripe: ah, welcome back! ad men huh? wonder whos in the city.. prahlad kakkar may be :p thank you too.

raven: hello there. i am really interested in the NID thing. think i can apply there. and you'r right.. iims!! cat! sorry.. i ll let mel have that..

primalsoup: !!!! *jaw succumbs to gravity*
advertising, mass media.. movies.. its a natural curve, ask ken ghosh (ok, bad example) i donno why.. dil ne kaha.. hum ne sunah!

Handful Of Hell said...
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Broken Verses said...

Even the Creatives You will find several avenues, there is design, there is the visualisation, copy etc. I am not sure about NID, it is considered the best here so I guess its a good place to be in. MICA doesnt do much for your creativity bit. Maybe once you know that whats the kind of area u looking at, things will be slightly more clearer!


Broken Verses said...

Linked ya too!


s! said...

hey, since you're flexible.. i have a cousin who's been in advertising all her life, drop me a line at and i'll put you in touch with her..