Friday, July 22, 2005

In the name of God, a redundant post!

A photograph from a local daily. Fans of Mr. Bachchan performing a yagna for him in Kolkata.

I do not mind seeing the gentlemen seated there in the saffron wrap praying for the well being of a fellow being. Autistic, may be.. but none of my business. I do not mind posters of mortals becoming idols of worship. My walls had their share of pin-ups as well. So, no complaints. I am just fascinated by that little kid in blue, who is all excited and is probably mouthing something like “Amitabh Maharaj ki JAI” or something to that effect. A kid who is just there for the free prashad or maybe an odd playmate. Or may be just following his family. He in some way reminds me of every other being on this land. We, who make make/believe Gods for his prashad and call ourselves devout and humane.

“And the point is…?” you ask? None. There never is one.

P.S. Just testing uploading images from the laptop.


the cowlick said...

Some people always need something to cling to, don't they. If it's not a god, it's a human turned into god. Same difference.

A Hairy Snail said...

nice pic to begin the score with. heh heh. so goodbye to hello?

liquid sunshine said...

for some reason i am giggling away like crazy and my office mates are giving me strange looks!!that kid is so funny and so cute!and so!!my tummy aches!!

Jasmine said...

he, he! The kid doesn't look suitably solemn. :)

Anonymous said...

You Got Mail!

The Postman

thetis said...

nikki: all gods are human, all humans can be gods.. so i thought.

mel: i never really liked hello. i know you do.

liquid sunshine: i know what you are talking about.. the looks.. i make a face or two/ strange noises, once in a while too..

jasmine: i actually love the kid (?) in your profile pic..

the postman: thank you, sir.

A Hairy Snail said...

well, hello's gone. and this new upload thing is kinda irritating...have to keep tweaking the html coding. sigh.

anyway, glad to know you like it though.:)

Eastmancolour said...

BRILLIANT observation :D

LOVE it when people dig up things so deeply ritualistic within ourselves...from moments in everyday lives...and how they come to be :)

Anonymous said...


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