Tuesday, July 19, 2005


That's the score this evening.
I played tennis after a loooong time, today.. braving rains and muddy courts, at that.
And yes, I won.
Just thought everyone should know that.


A Hairy Snail said...

Hey - naish!

I started playing b'ball again, as of yesterday.

feels good aye?

Thetis said...

feels good, u ask???

every muscle in my body ached.. every bone pinched into the ligaments.. every movement of this sorry self was followed by an "aaaaah!" that my neighbours thought i was being 'naughty'.. my friend on phone thought i turned into a lecherous lesbian..the masseuse.. ah, the masseuse.. god bless her.

it feels good. yes.

jax said...

and that too in 1 straight set!

Handful Of Hell said...


I still remember the day I got my Prince DB(Double Bridge) 26 racket imported from the US of A for a whopping 6K. I was so glad I didn't have to use my Kiptim ever again.

Those raging Wilson vs Prince vebal battles, 5 rounds NOW, Shadow/Wall Practice, Court Training, Service Drills, Volleys and by the time you started playing games you would be dead meat


Someday you and me should see each other....What say!! Oh I meant, on either side of a tennis court!!

Rat said...

Awesome Thetis :)

The Wizard of Odd said...

*bows low..springs back up with a grin*

bonsoir, sweet mother of that nixed-heel hothead... came by to say thankyou for dropping by, and to say I respect the need to run around and push thy cardio rate over the edge...

much respect. And the tipping of a hat. And the offering of a nutella sandwich.

Joy n' Jello-

The Wizard.

Thetis said...

jax, rat: oh thank you.. now i know how federer feels..

hoh: oh yes, the battle of the sexes, the prince vs yonex clash, the ultimate showdown, the war of the worlds.. oops, i mean.. bring it on! :D

dreamsnpencils: ooo.. nutella spread!! i love chocolate on everything! oh, sorry *acknowledges the salute and grabs the sandwich*

Raccoon said...

Ah congratulations...!! Yep...and empathies for the aching muscles a day after....:)

and I'm still quaking in fear after reading about the beating-till-his-balls-bled...brrr...