Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tennis anyone?

Yesterday night, I watched someone play tennis the way I had never seen in a long time. True, I don’t watch tennis as religiously anymore, so I am not abreast with the Nadals and Sharapovas. But after a long time, I watched a tennis match in continuum. But this kid played what I thought was pretty darn good tennis.

There is something about lefties. They make everything seem so easy. They say there is one left hander for every ten right handers. That puts them in an exclusive club already, if consider minority an elite.

Anyway, I was talking about left handed tennis players. Monica Seles, Martina Navratilova, Thomas Muster, Marcelo Rios, John McEnroe... a few I can remember. A few that I liked watching.

When a left hander whips a forehand crosscourt leaving Serena Williams bemused, its fun. It’s fun to watch. When she runs down the baseline and returns a passing shot kissing the line, it’s more fun. When she lobs one right over her head and it lands inches inside the line.. it’s hilarious, no.. actually that is fun too. I never liked Serena Williams. Maybe because she had better triceps than me, or maybe because she pretends to have a fashion sense. Factual ‘bloody’ errors, both of them. But this is not about her, it’s about a 20 year old American called Angela Haynes. 14-12, she won the first set tie breaker, before Star cut off transmission. I am not going ahead to make a Vijay Amritraj like statement that she had tremendous future blah.. blah.. because I know zilch about tennis and yes, that is a humble statement. But she is GOOD.

Eventually updated, Serena Williams won 6-7, 6-4, 6-2. Nevermind!


A Hairy Snail said...

sigh. never liked them williams sisters from the time one of them, can't remember which, beat martina hingis.

you're lucky you're getting star sports. i'm missing federer play.

and thanks for the promise...will await a large flat parcel with ny stamps. you wear cat suits too huh?

Handful Of Hell said...

And Sania flounders yet again :( . This girl I say has talent, the way she dispatches the ball, she reminds me of young Mary Pierce of the 1994 French Open. Sania lead 4 - 3 (40 - 0) in the first as well as the second sets and still threw it away. Nerves I guess. Nevertheless, I bet we are gonna see a lot of this girl "Achcha lagta hai"

Thetis said...

melchizedek: hehe.. no, i dont.

hoh: i think sania in all honesty is overrated. she is what she is today because of the mediocre tennis standards in our country.

Rat said...

I agree with you Thetis on Sania !No doubt shes achieved something, but defintely overrated.

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

No, this is not about Sania. This is about the Indian public and the Indian media.
While the Indian fan is the most ruthless.... Ah, so you are good, are you? Go win a grand slam/ grand prix/ world cup/ olympic medal and come, and until you do that I will call you overrated (Ah, possibly even after that!). Yes, I have rated you on a scale, and found you wanting, the Indian media goes the other extreme. Oh look at the goddess wafting about the hallowed lawns, whipping a forehand which caresses the line... aah elegance personified..

Over-rated, under-rated. Just terms after all.
I did not watch the match. My friend says it was a bad match, with many unforced errors from both sides?

liquid sunshine said...

a lit student, thetis.or just interested in greek fables?:)yes...i do wish i'd have the help of the armour maker too...

but to help me REMOVE my armour!

A Hairy Snail said...

i agree - and i think it's the indian media that helps overrating all these upcoming players. look at the ads she is doing now - all because she is the best tennis player in the country. she's plateauing out because of this fame, when she could have gone much further.

hey thetis - your post's looking quite cool!