Friday, June 24, 2005


“I don’t do this often.. in fact never..” this is my line. I use this almost in every possible situation imaginable in a social lifetime.

Last night, I was up till three in the night(morning) talking to a stranger online about how life treats its owners. I don’t do this often, in fact never. That was my first time a public chatroom, a depression support one at that.

What started out as an insensitive prank turned into a therapeutic session. I was told its liberating to confess, apparently it puts phantoms of the past to sleep. There are these little boxes in the church where a padre sits listening to sinners admit to their follies. They call them confession chambers. In the comfort of anonymity, one can find solace in strangers. I don’t know.. I am not too spiritual sort of girl.

But I thought I found one of those boxes yesterday. They call them Yahoo IM chatboxes. Who knew, a 32 year old house wife in Ohio would turn out to be my best shrink! Well.. what can I say.. mysterious are His ways.

Btw, seen this?


teleute said...

thank u! thank u! i love m hair ;D

bt evryone keeps tellin me i look like a total kid in d pic. hw deflatin :-C

A Hairy Snail said...

should get to know you better...

i need to go "confess" sometime soon. the idea of taking a year off is kinda getting sucky. *sigh*

especially when your parents are disgruntled and prickly with everything you do and all your friends (whatever few you have) are miles away...

perhaps putting phantoms away is a good idea - but how? haven't found a solution yet...looking desperately. *deeper sigh*

lovely poem btb... thanks... had the choco-shock effect... you wrote it?

and pardon the long carried away. :P

Anvita Thapliyal said...

i dunno wat to say, so i'll say this- thank you for the link to post was lovely

A Hairy Snail said...

ahem! coff coff even.

them limericks of mine were churned out at a moment when i was rather high...and not in the right state of affairs. was funny how i remembered them till now.

thanks, even then. yours was good too. really. no courtesies and all. plain truth.

Vishnu said...

There is something called where you can make anonymous online confessions.Something which i browse a lot,and stuff with f-words describing my current mood!