Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Here I go again..

This is a bitch-eat-bitch world, they tell me. Being a romantic in life is being a fool. But isn’t it all about being true to yourself. Knowing what you want, your life and the world you choose. Even if it is dubbed unsuccessful in the worldly norms.

I ‘ve always oscillated between two points of view, one of that which an objective views of life, the self progressive, self gratifying way, and the other of the simpleton where love and happiness is the answer to everything. As a teenager, that was my identity crisis. Years passed, I grew out of teen-hood.. and started living the ‘real’ life, you know the one with money and extant societal subsistence issues. I stopped thinking about the values behind life, though from time to time, leisure fetches the topic in.

I have gotten into one of those moments again.

Is being individualistic overrated and glorified? Can an independent entity exist in this society? Is existence the mere dictum of life?

Too many questions. No appreciably rational answers cropping up.

I think I should go to sleep.


Handful Of Hell said...
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A Hairy Snail said...

erm thetis...
this life is no bliss
being a simpleton at moments
like this, can be full of torments
identity crisis does occur
and to the foundation lay a cur
but god, he there plays the dice
and this time, perhaps, luck will have no price.

and come were einstein just a while back :)

anangbhai said...

I go for the subjective, existentialist view of life.
Your life is meaningful to you if you believe you believe it is meaningful, no one else's opinion matters but yours.
Being an individual is the only thing that matters in this overcrowded world. But that doesn't mean you're an island.
"Maybe all men got one big soul where everybody's a part of. All faces are the same man, one big self. Everyone looking for salvation by himself. Each like a coal drawn from the fire."

Rat said...

Let me know when you find the answers !

liquid sunshine said...

oh well....i liked the first line in "the road less travelled". the only bit of the book that actually made sense even though it was gyaan.

Green said...

Even on my worst day, I always seem to stick up for love. I think that true love of things is the answer to most of life.