Monday, June 13, 2005


Sometimes I did certain things in a different way just because everybody else did it in a particular way. They said that is because I suffer from certain complex to be different. They also told me that this is quite a common trait. So, I started being normal, started to do stuff everybody does.

No, there was no wit in that. It was just a confession.


Handful Of Hell said...

Isn’t what is told here a convoluted contradiction? If you found everybody else doing it in a particular way, your want to be different cannot be common, for if it were, everybody else would do it their own way which if true derails the foundation of the claim itself.

To do something your own way is much healthier a premise to convince the self rather than doing something a certain way only to break away!! So what do you do, anyway? :)

Boy, it rhymed all the way..

Everyman said...

Oi! if this (doing this in a certainly diff way) is quite common, then what's the differentness about it??

Man! Life is getting more complicated day by day!


Primalsoup said...

The word is found, Profound!

There, that rhymed too! :)

teleute said...

bn readin ur blog.
can't rhyme fr a hoot, bt i gotta tell u... i like.

Thetis said...

hoh: what can i say.. i am a bundle of contradictions.

everyman: something that i learnt, there is no 'one' who is different from the rest.

primalsoup: update your blog!! :)

teleute: thank you.

Rat said...

Howdy !!!! Good stuff !

This post made me a think of a T-Shirt i had when i was a kid. It was of Fido Dido upside down and it read-"Normal is boring"

Bonatellis said...

QUOTE - The best thing to do is be yourself. If you are naturally different, you will stand out. If you are not, the facade won't last. - UNQUOTE

Isn't that wonderful?

errr, btw THAT was an original :p