Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rain rain..

My friend let me drive her car to work today, as we were getting late and I was considered to be the better Schumacher of the two. But I don't particualrly fancy Santros with their feather light steering and rock strong brakes. I am always hard on brakes in a Santro, always.. its an illness, I tell you. So, I avoid them all together.

It was also pouring, (get the Schumi analogy?) so I was showering my "blessings" on quite a few unsuspecting and disgruntled pedestrians. Five to be precise. Every one of whom bared their teeth and clenched their fists. I felt sorry for them but the idea of halting and apologizing didn't seem very sane.

Finally, in spite of traffic and everything, we made it on time. Without a wet spot, at that :p .. making faces at my drenched motorist collegues, strutting to my desk, I get to my toil ground, my wage earning sandbox, my work.

(Luch time)

It's a beautiful sight, rain is.. little drops hitting against the glass pane.. hot coffee cup warming your palms.. head against the wall.. looking down at the streets, watching little kids play.. those innocent smiles.. it's a beautiful sight, I tell you..

"Arre.. Dee.." a hand tugs at my shoulder, the same shoulder that fathers my arm, which in turn is related to my edgy wrist, guardian of the half filled coffee cup. The little animation results in a nice abstract model of caffeine art on my shirt and an aide memoire - splash and thou shall be splashed upon.



liquid sunshine said...

raining eh?want a sunny spell?*gives a come on grin*

liquid sunshine said...

that said....i never can understand what it is with santro that makes me curl up....i've heard its a smooth drive but really couldnt they do SOMETHING about the shape??

Raccoon said...

hey thanks for dropping in...and ummm..I totally agree the thing about santros and their breaks...:-D

but yaaayyy for the rains:-)

A Hairy Snail said...

raining?!? Whoa!!!

In case you do get bored of it, not a chance really, come to the south. it's still stiffingly hot here. *sigh*

you lucky devil, you.

Thetis said...

I live in south!!!