Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tomorrow is my first day...

... at the job.
Wish me luck.

You know what this means, dontya?
More blogging time.


P.S. I just realised evian is naive spelled backwards.


A Hairy Snail said...

Break a leg.

erm...preferably someone higher in the hierarchy....

vague said...

ah. luck and new year an all that.
you are in an office where you drink evian?

puneet said...

good luck :)
nice blog!

Arun said...

I want a job like that too!

s! said...

all the best! :-)

alice said...

u r back...yeah...!!!

Thetis said...

@ arindam: sure thing *eyes the blonde in the cabin*

@ vague: i would not call it "luck" :)

@ puneet: hello and thank you.

@ arun: with a job like yours?? u kidding, sir?

@ s!: thank you.

@ alice: yeah!!!