Sunday, January 22, 2006


I get tired
very soon

Am I?
I ask

No, may be not
You are
just dispirited

I hear
Am I?
I ask


s! said...

the winter seems to have sapped you of energy.. alas.

raven said...

wake up early morning... feel the rising sun... read some good books (ruskin bond my fav)... meet some cherished peeps... cheer up inside... the energy will start flowing automatically.

if nothing works, call me :D

the Monk said...

maybe it's just a phase...

SmartOxymoron said...


puneet said...


A Hairy Snail said...

mebbe it's a phase...or maybe you are just the getting-tired-kinda-person. ;D

wendigo said...

s.a.d. - seasonal affective disorder - saps people of strength. especially single women in their 20s living alone in big cities. try chocolate.

Thetis said...

I donno; I am so dazed nowadays. I dont seem to have a grip of things. I do my work efficiently, but I seem so lost after the work ends.


puneet said...

hmmm ... happens! don think abt it too much, just :)