Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cricket here too?

I was amazed to find the contumacy associated with this game. I am a crazed fan too but here, it is amazing. The English gentleman across the hall is very excited about the Ind-Pak series coming up. "Hope your Ten-dol-ka has a good series" he wished me at the dawning of the new duel. We are yet to figure out which is the cheapest site which is streaming the video.

Any suggestions?

In other news, wonderful weekend and workloaded weekdays.


anangbhai said...

I don't know if you've ever heard Shaquille O Neal being interviewed after a game but Ten-dol-ka is like the Indian version of Shaq because whenever he's being interviewed (especially by a white guy) the white guy is more excited than Tendulkar is about winning the game.

A Hairy Snail said...

Try going through the BBC Sports page. They usually have links to some live streaming site.

s! said...

what's your budget?

the Monk said...

yeah, I'm with the duck...try BBC...

Eastmancolour said...

back here after a long pause..
and the last piece i read (before this) was the 50 years of playboy thingie.

Had not forgotten how well you write.
Had just forgotten to savour it this long.

But I am :)

thetis said...

@ anangbhai: what do you mean have i heard of shaquille o neil? isnt he the skinny chinese guy with long hair and a nose ring? lol!

@ quincy: thank you. i checked it out.

@ s! how much can i pay to watch indians get whacked their brains out? *insert random visa/mastercard ad here*

@ the monk: ok :)

@ eastmancolor: you are busy with the laundry, i guessed.

thetis said...

going skiing. excited.
will write after coming back.

SmartOxymoron said...

I dont even want to talk to you. Youre posting again and I dont get so much as a heads up :-/

SmartOxymoron said...

I guess I could curse you just for fun. Here goes-

May your deagle's firing mechanism lock up and your clarion misfire. May the almighty blight your kevlar with a thousand blackbeetles.