Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let us assume, a hypothetical situation

In this town called Whoopsindale, there lived a girl whose name rhymed with Daisy and a guy who was called Dave. One day, the two crossed each other on a street which had an urchin showing ball tricks and a little kid chasing a balloon. He looked at her. She pretended not to notice. They walked closer. She put her disobedient tress behind her ear and and feigned a smile into the space behind him. Moments passed, their feet walked them away from each other. He turned back. She did not.

Is it him? she asked herself.

She did not turn back. She did not know.

She's an idiot!


Qatar Cat said...

Oh well... How many times it happened to EACH of us??


Yours Truly...Conman said...

If it's him... you'll see him again, and again... until the master's plan is executed.

Anonymous said...

When she did not turn back, how does she know that he turned back?

thetis said...

@qatar cat: universal phenomenon

@conman: master! master! master!

@anonymous: she did not know but I do! :p

puneet said...


Eastmancolour said...

i LOVE your way of writing.

You SEE so much !
it's like
well.. it's like portraiting ;)
you see all the details..and when I'm reading it..i'm reading each line, each action, each everything that's written..and it's NOT what I would've anticipated as the next line.
I wonder if you're getting what I'm trying to say :)
it's a JOY !

s! said...

like the enigmatic 'guy on the bus'.. if it's meant to be it'll happen again, this time maybe she'll stop and say 'hi'!

SmartOxymoron said...

Which is why I say- Always, *always* wear sunglasses.

Surreptitious looks for Dummies(tm) :)

TwoDrinksToOneTooMany said...

An idiot!
She did not turn.

But Dave is smart
Dave is handsome
And modest too
To wear his ring.

alice said...

hmmm.....moral of the story...always turn backk...and smile...and wink...*... :)

wendigo said...

thetis - if she had turned back, it would have been him. since she didn't, it wasn't. it's in the beginner's guide to over-rationalisation for self-satisfaction!

twodrinkstoonetoomany - that was a lovely bit of poetry.

the Monk said...

nice one...

Thetis said...

good catch s, she was indeed wondering if this guy was the guy from the bus.