Monday, January 02, 2006

So how have you been, kind sires and lovely ladies?

It's been 4 months since I last wrote something here. A lot has happened during the course.

Where do I begin? I do not have a great memory, but lets go back to November 05...

Nights were immolated, days were slept off, ass was slogged, CAT was written. Wonderfully well, I might add. The vicinal dream looked as if it would crossover to reality.

But. The little girl always forgets - what you want, and what you get may not always be the same.

Things were learnt
Priorities beckoned
Choices were made
Countries were traversed
Life... was turned
Bottom up.

Within a span of a month, winters have become the brass tacks of my life. Winters of my life.

Sometimes I wonder why I came back to this blog. Probably, just to get a sniff of the nostalgia. Probably just to know where I was.

Probably just to know I had a past too.

Jan 1, 2006
United States


Newsandseduction said...

May be a future as well!

A Hairy Snail said...

Whoa. That's quite a distance! Not bad I must say... But how come the States?

SmartOxymoron said...

That post sounds suspiciously like 'goodbye'. And no, I dont like the sound of it.

raven said...

so long a distance in so short a time... what happened??

n btw, CAT results came out today. checked yours?

s! said...

Pennsylvania eh? anyways, good to hear from you again.. :-)

the Monk said...

not a good time to drop in for the first time,eh?

thetis said...

@ newsandseduction: sure that too, why not?

@ arindam: long story.. have time? btw, one name plz.

@ smartoxymoron: your suspicions are as valid as the chances of finding a virgin in richard branson's office. (dammmmm, i am corny!!!)

thetis said...

@ raven: cat results? notice the glow on my face??

@ s!: good to hear from you too :)

@ the monk: any time is a good time.

jax said...

Thetis, you are back!? You must have taken a real long roadtrip to Pennsylvania! Glad that you are back. Now make some noise. No CAT calls plzzzzz

Thetis said...

hey jax,

howdy! yes cat calls, whistles and hoots.

and no road trip this.

A Hairy Snail said...

this is the final name. and i, milady, am eternally free and jobless for a good tale. (especially when out of good books to read, and too broke to buy some more.) :D

and the catcalls - which ones?