Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Playing tag

Tagged by Burf. (Check rules there please)

This is a picture tag, by the looks of it... and, a cheesy one. Yay!

1. Most desirable celebrity
Comment: I am going to be frowned upon, I know.

2. Want to do this one day

Comment: How old am I, again?

3. Want to visit this place

Comment: Home. Been awhile...

4. Random favoriteComment: I am such a geek, no?

5. Ctrl+Print Screen NOW

Comment: Burf, get rid of that yellow for Devil's sake

Now, I tag..
:: S!
:: Quincy the Quackpot
:: Alice
:: Eastmancolour
:: Ekta
:: SOxy
:: Raven
:: Wendigo
:: The Monk

And anyone whom I forgot to name (you know, I want you to)

Please do a better job than I did :)


SmartOxymoron said...

Loved the 'random' fave. Geeks of a feather flock together :)

Dont know if I'll do the tag though. Havent posted any pics so far and I dont want to start now. Im old school geek. Text only.

Say, if I were to challenge you to a CS game, what would you say?

Anang said...

As long as you're not a nerd, I'm ok. Cause then the random picture would totally be wrong.

dee iyer said...


who is that man!

Calvin said...

lol.. i accept thy tag!

trust me, if i was a gal i'd WANT to do Maynard as well!

Anonymous said...

I never did care for no 31337s. I prefer my trusty deagle. A bit dusty, yes, but thats what happens when your eagle's been in the desert too long :P

Its been ages since I played CS with my gang. I play at home, but bots arent half as much fun. Maybe *you'd* make for better target practice :)

P.S. (I know what 1337 is. You know what dual elites are. Your preferred duellers?)


Anonymous said...

Im doing your tag, btw. As soon as I get the time to write the required code(look ma, no pics... you'll see what I mean). And if it passes my domestic SQA :)

-SOxy, the Cliche(always comments in pairs)

dee iyer said...

yeah .. thats the guy i meant! who is he? and you like him? i dont mean this in any condescending way! just asked

alice said...

u tagged me...yey...!!!!

dee iyer said...

update !

wendigo said...

explain how this tagging thing works. wanna do it, but feeling old and confused.

Anonymous said...

why did you stop writing about yourself? the stories were brilliant... why did you stop it?

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

new blog at (ofcourse the old one still lives)

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

new blog at (ofcourse the old one still lives)

Eastmancolour said...

come BACK !!
who tol you that you could go !