Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Playing tag

Tagged by Burf. (Check rules there please)

This is a picture tag, by the looks of it... and, a cheesy one. Yay!

1. Most desirable celebrity
Comment: I am going to be frowned upon, I know.

2. Want to do this one day

Comment: How old am I, again?

3. Want to visit this place

Comment: Home. Been awhile...

4. Random favoriteComment: I am such a geek, no?

5. Ctrl+Print Screen NOW

Comment: Burf, get rid of that yellow for Devil's sake

Now, I tag..
:: S!
:: Quincy the Quackpot
:: Alice
:: Eastmancolour
:: Ekta
:: SOxy
:: Raven
:: Wendigo
:: The Monk

And anyone whom I forgot to name (you know, I want you to)

Please do a better job than I did :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's not October yet

On Hallowe'en the old ghosts come about us, and they speak to some;
to others they are dumb.

I am really happy now a days.
And it scares me.