Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Birthday

Birthdays are of days of genesis. Today is mine. Today is the day I am going to born again. Welcome to me, my world (dont worry, two days of unpacking makes people *blublublu*)..

There is something harrowing about novelty, the newness, the unexplored lands, the virgin territories. That stomach wrenching feeling, that dryness in the neck, those stuttering feet, like that first driving test, the first kiss, like that day before the results, like the .. (I am sounding like Anil Kapoor in 1942, jaise.. kilta gulaab, jaise..) anyways, its nice, and scary.

Its hard to start all over again. From scratch, so as to speak. But its going to be all back again. This I say inspite of the empty walls in sit between, this I say inspite of the blank pages in my phonebook. Today is the day I am going to take that solemn first step towards my future. Why the public announcement? Accountability, for myself. My actions. There is something about the open, that makes people push that bit further. That reminds me gotta help that guy pushing up the fridge. "Aayee.. bhaiah, ek minute..."