Saturday, December 23, 2006

Travel update

I have just returned from Shimla. It is a beautiful place... pity, I never visited it before. Back in Mumbai for a day and am off to Bangalore tomorrow to meet the man I am supposedly marrying next month. Pensive, these next few days.

For him, I mean. :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Amidst all the hoopla surrounding Ms. Jolie, a little Ms. Sen returns to her favorite native land. The smell hits you first, then the taxis! Then the noise, now the eminent bliss of gumless teas. Love the country donyu? One year away... and I am a country lover! :)

More surprises up ahead.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Stolen words

We live in a world of sullen impulses, where a gray light of faith hangs in the flight of the moist unknown uncertainties.

Monday, September 18, 2006

.... continue gliding down this less-than-active track -- after all, you're finally starting to get the hang of it! Taking the back seat on the journey provides you with a much more entertaining view. There is a show going on around you that you don't want to miss. People can be entertaining, and the folks in your life are real superstars. Let them entertain you, and you'll have a good time. Yes, siree!

Monday, September 04, 2006

When I woke up this morning, there was light in the air. The skies were painted in a solemn blue. There was a sense of serenity. Clarity. Like a widow with dry eyes the day after the death.
Another beginning.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Life, moves around in circles... they say. For a large portion of my life, I did not know what this meant.

Few days back, I met a dog. Yes, a dog, a canine form which moves around on four legs. It did not have a collar around its neck and was moving about in the most unbashed manner befitting.

So, I walk upto it, get on my knees, holding its paw across my fingers... and dog talk. The dog seems to be quite engrossed in its sniffing ritual, as it chose to completely ignore my greetings. A gentle man walks past me, turns around and smiles, "it's a dog, genius.. it cannot talk".

Life moves around in circles, they say.

Nope, still dont.

P.S. Sometimes, I think I fear for my sanity.

Guess who was in NY?

The U.S. Open... one down on the checklist.
Oh yes, I loved it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Playing tag

Tagged by Burf. (Check rules there please)

This is a picture tag, by the looks of it... and, a cheesy one. Yay!

1. Most desirable celebrity
Comment: I am going to be frowned upon, I know.

2. Want to do this one day

Comment: How old am I, again?

3. Want to visit this place

Comment: Home. Been awhile...

4. Random favoriteComment: I am such a geek, no?

5. Ctrl+Print Screen NOW

Comment: Burf, get rid of that yellow for Devil's sake

Now, I tag..
:: S!
:: Quincy the Quackpot
:: Alice
:: Eastmancolour
:: Ekta
:: SOxy
:: Raven
:: Wendigo
:: The Monk

And anyone whom I forgot to name (you know, I want you to)

Please do a better job than I did :)