Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hurried feet

I run away from him everyday
As he sips on his morning tea
His eyes trace my flight for awhile
But his feet don't care

I run away from him everyday
With him by my side
He raises his brow sometimes
Sometimes he just smiles

I run away from him everyday
Dragging my tired feet along
Waiting for the fateful day
The day whose shadows I see

I run away from him everyday
But today he stops me
"Could you lead me to the door
Please be kind, to this blind"


Handful Of Hell said...


I wonder if "The Blind" could be interpreted metaphysically as our own conscience? And his request be the call of our conscience to listen to him/it?

the Monk said...

that is quite a poem...

A Hairy Snail said...

whoa. *all quacks stopped midway*

s! said...

the picture is quite deceptive as to what follows.. hmmm.

alice said...


wendigo said...

nice poem; like your simple and strong imagery always

thetis said...

thank you

Eastmancolour said...

tell me
i'm all twisted and confused.
these other folk here is brilliant though :(

Anonymous said...

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