Monday, August 08, 2005

Episode 5

"What is there to see around here?" I ask.
"See madam? Well, nothing really madam. Its just a sober town" the guy behind the counter replies. I was beginning to hate guys behind counters.
"Nothingggg?" I persist.
"Well, there are a few temples around but you would not be too interested, I presume" he concluded.
I walked upto a mirror and took a good look at myself, I felt his eyes trail me. I returned to the counter, "well, you presume wrong!"
He did actually presume right. But I was not keen to be received as predictable. I thought Indian cricket matches are the proud owners of that honour. I would hate to discredit them.

At this point, meet Mr. Ramanna. For the reminder of the tour, a key figure. Ramanna was a middle aged driver who had trouble figuring out why I was there. Sure, he could make out that I was there to see the place, but he had trouble understanding why. The staff told him something in the native language, to which he nodded honestly. I presumed he told him that I was a young lady, seeking the blessings of the Almighty for a hastened and prosperous hand in matrimony. Well, I presumed. He was wrong, anyway.

I am not a fervent theist to be honest. I dislike visiting temples. You will never get me to go to one even if Eddie Vadder was the priest in there. Okay, that was a lie. Anything for Eddie. But the point, the point is that I was doing something against tradition. Ironical, but true. I was going on a temple tour. For some strange reason, I did not resist much. May be because there was no one to force. Hmm.

Theology apart, the temples were interesting structures. They were these entire round pagoda like architectures, with the idol at its center. A couple of interesting notes follow.

There was one at this place called Madhur, which greets with this sign right up front, "Admission restricted only for Hindus". I had a laugh, but I could see no point in the moral high ground I was assuming. I was in a temple, for gossake! What could be more foolish- a sign as such or an action of accepting a spiritual entity as an owner?

There is an interesting tale for this one temple in Udupi. Apparently, long ago a few devotees were stalled from seeing the idol for some bureaucratic reason. So they start singing at one of the walls of the temple. Lo and behold! The statue makes a sweet ninety degree turn to face the singer. Now, there’s a real Indian Idol.

There were few more I visited but soon I got bored. Well, I believe in omnipotence of God, afterall. In other local visitations, Ramanna showed me something called the Baikal Fort. A very important incident occurred here apart from Arvind Swamy singing Tu hi re.. in Bombay. That being a certain jump off a seven foot wall by moi. The applause may die now, please.. because the result of this death defying dare devilry was a sprained foot. What can I say, two falls in three days!

So for the next two days, I had my foot up, watching waves crash on a beach somewhere on the shores of Arabian Sea. Atleast that’s what that sign said.


s! said...

episode 3 then episode 5?! something didn't get passed by the censor board?!

s! said...

Anything for Eddie


Yours Truly...Conman said...

Are there more, or is this it?

Eastmancolour said...

Eddie Van Halen would've made sense.

ice pack on the foot and painkillers regularly (help healing). Well I'm on similar terms with my wrist - so there.

dont take a break already ! :(

Penny Lane said...

Yeah, what happened to episode 4?

Thetis said...

well, episode 4 was not posted due to technical difficulties.

a few more episodes are there, but i thought i bored you enough, already.

The Priestess said...

Just read all the episodes.

I am jealous. Wish i could board a bus like that and go roaming. Unfortunately, that would be too risky. wonder how u manage to do it!

Whenever I am travelling in hills, I also tend to think about how lovely it would be to die here...

Swathi said...

agree with u totally on temples, i once had a propah plan to go to Mysore alone, unfortunately it never materialized.

ur episodes r more interesting than any TV serial!

liquid sunshine said...

whoa!i've missed a lot, havent i???

Anonymous said...

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writetrack said...

Has anyone ever seen the sea stop?

burf said...

what do the internet cafes charge in the city ur in?

Handful Of Hell said...

"Star-Struck - Episode 4"
The return of the Stubble??

Jasmine said...

people who jump off seven-foot-walls only have a sprained foot to show for it? I would have thought a broken bone at least. Must try it some time. :)

jim said...

i want episode 4!!!

The Sunshine Woman said...

I've always founds temples, churches and mosques fascinating places -- their architecture, the culture, the people, the stories behind them. The church in Kasauli was fascinating for its service in Punjabi!

s! said...

how's the foot doing?

alice said...

waiting for episode 4...take care of ur leg

Rohan Kumar said...

Ouch that special dig reserved for the cricket team kinda hurt. Its really interesting following ur passage around India, just wondering if the wall u jumped off was the same that Arvind Swamy threatened to take his life by jumping off in Bombay :), get well soon.

A Hairy Snail said...

hmmm...hurt leg...missing episodes...and the fear of us getting bored. interesting. you aren't bored though, no?

if not, please continue.

this being great stuff and all. :)

Bonatellis said...

what did the mirror say, btw :-)
just curious ...

SmartOxymoron said...

Coo! Maddur? Thats right near my native! Thats where my grandmom prays for me and makes deals with God so I pass my exams/dont get killed in accidents involving icecream trucks.
I made up the second one.Its just that Id hate for anyone to say 'He was dead sweet'. Not that anyone *would*, but Im not taking chances.

Anonymous said...

where are you??????

Yours Truly...Conman said...

This blog's become defunct. That God... I really wanted to see a blog go defunct right in front of me...
Sad it had to be you. Have fun, wherever u are.
Buh bye.

jax said...

Hehehe...that was entertaining!

Sorry about your 7 foot sky diving stunt though. What *exactly* were you trying to achieve here?

Didja know that some of these temples *demand* that the men enter topless? Its a sneaky way to find out the Brahmins from the non-Brahmins! And then the Brahmins get backstage passes to the Eddie Vedder show!

Anonymous said...

so this is it?

jax said...

NOW, you really seem to have had one drink too many. Come back!!! *Turns on the water sprinkler over Thetis' bed*

A Hairy Snail said...

She's wanted, dead or alive...

err... just come back yourself, deputies are in short supply.

or have you reached bombay?

Thetis said...

priestess: hello. risky, why? fun, yes.

swathi: :)

liquid sunshine: yes, apparently.

anon: nice one.

writetrack: haha, funny.

burf: they charged Rs. 20 per hour. interesting question, might i say.

hoh: i wish!

jasmine: yes, do try. :p

jim: really?

sunshine woman: i agree, mam.

s! : good, thank you.

alice: thank you too. its fine now.

rohan: they lost man!

bonatellis: i dont like mirrors, they lie.

smarty: ah.. chweet!

anon: right here..

conman: defunct? u wish! :D

jax: topless men, yes.. i have seen that in some places.

mel: wah, mel babu.. nayee photo!!!

nikhil said...

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